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[Pinned] ABC music system
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[Pinned] ABC music system

So you want to write in .ABC? Writing music in abc format is perhaps not the most efficient way of writing down music, but the nice thing about it is that it can be done by any ole’ text editor, and then be easily read by programs such as LOTRO. T...
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[Pinned] Forum Guidelines
General Discussion

[Pinned] Forum Guidelines

The General Discussion Forum is for LOTRO related topics. Generally this is the place for OOC conversations. Non-LOTRO related conversations should take place in the "Off-Topic" forum.
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New Armour (Armor if you're uncool like)

LinkThe folks over at code masters (European lotro forums) have done it again. Screenshots of the new lvl 65 armour sets. The annuminas set has been remade for lvl 65s, with 25 rad each. Like its lvl 50 version, each piece of armour is a tad under...
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Group Quests!

Have a quest you need help with? Hankering to get something done you can't get done yourself? let us know.This thread is for coordinating getting group quests and other lower lvl group content.
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Free To Play

So today they announced that LotRO will become a Free-to-play game sometime in the near future. Alot of different opinions on the matter, so lets hear em! lol. For information see Here. My own opinion is that turbine likes to play with terminolog...
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Silwein's new look!

I like it 3(
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The Many Sights of Middle Earth "A forum based game"

Welcome one and all to the “The Many Sights of Middle Earth” game. The premise is this: Mirkwood is a bit more then a month off, and so as a form of entertainment, I thought I would start up a little game. Nothing big. Nothing too fancy. I saw thi...
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What will you be playing after LOTRO?

After this change, whether it be immediate, or years down the road.. I can see people slowly breaking off or having us all go our seperate ways after a while. Wouldn't it be neat if we all moved to the same game and started a new? What will you be...
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Welcome Tatie to the Kin!

Hello there Tatie! My name is Aderius and it is my pleasureto welcome you to the ERT. Please make yourself rightat home. If you have any questions about our kinshipor need any assistance whatsoever, feel free to ask.We are all happy to have you...
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New kin not new friends

All,Well it seems that my want to do new things in the game has forced me to make a strangely very difficult decision. I hope everyone can understand my commitment to you all over the years for a few of you and months for a lot of you. Lately I ...
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Welcome Alaen to the kin!

Hello members of ERT, please join me in welcomingAlaen to our family. It's great to have you here, Alaen!If you require any assistance whatsoever, do not hesitateto ask, it is our pleasure to help you get back in the swing of the game. I'm glad y...
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When The Content Has Ran It's Course

It’s a reoccurring story… Whether you were waiting on Goblin Town and the Rift to be patched into Angmar; wanting to explore the Mines of Moria; looking for the Watcher or DN patch; Lothlorien; Mirkwood and the new skirmishes or the next expansion...
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My recent rarity

Just wanted everyone to know whats up with me lately.In case noones noticed I havent been around much the past two weeks or so.All started with a visit from my older brother a couple weeks ago.Hes been stationed in London the past couple years and...
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Welcome Eadilwulf to the kin!

Welcome Eadilwulf! I'm glad to meet you and i'm happyyou are part of our kinship. Please don't hesitateto ask questions, it is our duty and pleasure tomake you feel right at home :)
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Welcome, Nolgar, to the East Road Travelers

Welcome, Nolgar.It's a pleasure to have you with us. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask.Looking forward to future adventure.
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The thread formally known as Elescudo vs School year

Alas.I have been hinting at the fact that my play time would be reduced in the near future. The future has come, and my guesses have not come close to the degree of the matter. Today I received an absurd amount of work in what is known as "crammi...
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Where in the world is Arrinairus Belteshazzar?

I give you the official thread regarding where I am in my internet situation... I, the great third officer of the triune authority structure of our most auspicious kin (or second… me and Eles got promoted at the same time so its hard to know. I, t...
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My roomie activated this week and I have been on an alt trying to grind a character up with her.Just an FYI so yall know I didn't just disappear :)
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Free to Play LOTRO

With the recent announcement that LOTRO is going Free to Pay, Turbine has just lost Tath and myself as customers. Whilst I'm sure that some people will enjoy the new game model, past experiance with free to play games has for me been very negati...
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General Discussion

ERT's Lorebook Update

Take a look at our "overhauled" webpage in the Lorebook and learn (or remember) why we're called the East Road Travelers.I hope you enjoy your read.Click Here
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