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[Pinned] Revitialization
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[Pinned] Revitialization

Greetings all members of the East Road Travelers!The leadership has been discussing some very important topics and concerns that have been brought up by many of you. We have been brainstorming and contemplating our recruitment techniques, in addi...
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[Pinned] KSA Official Advancement log

(If you have not read our Kinship Story Arc up to this point, follow this link and read up)Part 4: Distressing signsI, Aderius, now write this account in place of our leader Orinarr. May he return to us in haste. Responding to my summons, the tra...
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The Final Thread

This website will be closed down on December 9th, 2010. It was in existence for 2 years, 6 months, 21 days.There have been 3 owners, There have been 4,169 posts in 405 ThreadsThere have been 3,516 shouts in the shout box. There have been 113 Appli...
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Sad day is sad

After tomorrow, I'm not going to be on LOTRO for a week or maybe even 2. Stuff is piling up fast and we have to get this business off the ground. Ill still be be on the website. But not on LOTRO. At least for a bit.
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RIP Ymira's Lotro subscription

Hi everyone.I haven't been around much lately, and due to various reasons (I'll not go into them here) my Lotro subscription must be cancelled. I just want to say that it's been awesome to be in this kin with you people, and hopefully someday I'll...
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ERT can now pug less

So in the last couple of days i have bumped into another kin very similar to ours, known as Serenity, who is doing the same stuff. i couldn't pass up this opportunity so i've kind of made an informal alliance with them. i set up a user created ch...
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Hey guys,I'm terribly sorry to tell you all this, but Keledor and I have to take a break from LotRO, due to financial reasons. Some of you may know already, that Keledor has recently been laid off, so we're currently trying to live off of my minim...
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Important info

Hello everyone,I am writing this to inform all of you that (in case you don't know already) Aniriel is away on a trip to Spain. We wish her a great trip! However, with all the expenses what with the airfare and such, it will be difficult for her ...
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News and Announcements

The East Road Traveler's Festival

In the days of old, The East Road Travelers would break from the battles and the adventures for a time. We would put away our swords and bows in favor of a pipe and mug. We would remember that good spirits and mirth and more potent then the sharpe...
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News and Announcements

Roleplaying the Great Barrows.

Haven't Roleplayed in awhile? Getting Rusty at it? This friday evening, (Saturday morning for you Australians,) we will be meeting up for an RP event! We will meet around 9:00PM EST at the kin hall. There, I will be going over some basic RP tehniq...
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