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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Jan 23, 2012)
Indeed! Been a long time
(Jan 23, 2012)
Checking in, long time no see
(Apr 04, 2011)
Dude, they have a chatbox now. YOu have to admit that is cool
(Mar 20, 2011)
Well, I don't mind all too much. Kind of nice to know I can contact you guys if I wanted to (stupid LOTRO friends list is full)
(Feb 09, 2011)
I did mine too Bel...
(Feb 03, 2011)
maybe I should get all my pics back before this site does close out.
(Jan 14, 2011)
tic toc, tic toc, tic toc
(Dec 28, 2010)
And is still serving despite expectations lol
(Dec 08, 2010)
Farewell Forums of the ERT. You served us well.
(Oct 16, 2010)
We are the pirates who don't do anything, we just stay home and lie around. And if you ask us, to do anything! We'll just tell you: We don't do anything
(Sep 16, 2010)
She apparantly has a 4 day weekend. Not sure why but I am inside with air conditioning on a hot day. I have nothing to complain about
(Sep 11, 2010)
ANNIIIIIIIIII Whats up? haven't seen you around in forever.
(Sep 10, 2010)
Apparently lol
(Aug 20, 2010)
I think you guys must all be sleeping?!
(Aug 06, 2010)
Issues fixed. Hope to see everyone tonight
(Aug 05, 2010)
Issues with Turbine's myAcount. Will be back on as soon as I can.
(Jul 26, 2010)
Considering Eles' response and the title of this video I think I am glad that the video is refusing to load... uhhh... I been busy? Crabcakes are free on 11/12ths moons!
(Jul 26, 2010)
errr...... anyway... grats on rank 4 Sil. Good times in the moors tonight.
(Jul 25, 2010)
i was wrong this is Geo